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DR. Seddik afifi

At Nordic School in Cairo, we have the privilege of having a truly visionary educator as the leader of our team. Under the direction of Dr. Seddik Afifi, our team is dedicated to providing our students with an exemplary education in a compassionate and supportive environment.

We guide, we do not instruct

Dr. Seddik Afifi

About Dr. Seddik 

Thebes group  founder and chairman Dr. Seddik Afifi is a visionary & entrepreneur in the education sector, he believes passionately in making quality education accessible to all communities by building great schools. To achieve that vision we have assembled some of the industries best educators who know how to inspire young learners. Fueled by our reputation for excellence, we have developed a range of school models that teach the British, American, National or International Baccalaureate curriculum, and we know how to operate these schools at different price points from the affordable to the premium.  Our first school was founded and run by educators. It was the school that defined our approach to education; an approach built around listening to the community. This has helped us tailor our schools to the needs of the parent and our youths. following these same philosophies and methodologies our world class management team has worked tirelessly to bring Nordic school in Cairo to life. Nordic is the first ever school in Egypt to officially introduce Finland's revolutionary teaching methods into its curriculum. we accomplished this by collaborating with Polar Partners; a company specialised in opening Finnish ministry approved schools all over the world

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